The proposed site for Mossend International Railfreight Park is located in North Lanarkshire, due east of the City of Glasgow, to the south of Coatbridge, to the west of Eurocentral, due north of Motherwell and the current Mossend Railhead, and to the north east of Bellshill.

The proposed development will include the following expansion:

  • Modern, strategic rail facility in central Scotland with connections to the UK and Europe
  • Expanded Railhead including 775m sidings of international standard
  • 200,000m² (2.2m sqft) of onsite storage, distribution, service and logistics facilities
  • A new access road to the north of the site
  • A network of community greenspace

Creating real and lasting benefits for Scotland’s economy, environment and communities. Key benefits will include:

  • Significant investment in North Lanarkshire’s economy
  • A lower cost, efficient and more sustainable alternative to long haul road transport
  • Improved access and delivery times for businesses moving goods
  • Removal of all associated HGV traffic from the local road network
  • Up to 4,900 construction and operational jobs
  • A sustainable green legacy for Bellshill

Mossend International Railfreight Park 5 Key Points

Revised layout March 2013


The Railway Activity Zone will be the main operational area for Railfreight handling.

Development of 775m rail sidings.

Logistics will include mobile cranage and container laydown areas

Intermodal terminal.


The main rail served Freight Park will be serviced by internal movement vehicles (IMVs) operating within the internal road network with servicing and external space aligned to north.

The Distribution Park will have provision for Class 5 Industrial & Class 6 Storage and Distribution.

The Service & Logistics Park (26 acres/10.5ha) is a secondary serviced park providing distribution, logistics support and freight handling facilities and service support for Class 4 office and Class 5 industrial users.


The Mossend Railhead and International Rail Freight Park will be served with a new access road, which will cross over the M8 motorway and connect to the upgraded A8 at a new roundabout to the east of the Shawhead Junction*

The new access road will provide direct access for HGV traffic to the strategic road network, including the A8, M8, A725, M74 and M73. It will remove existing Railhead HGV traffic from the local road network, including the A775 (Main Street, Mossend) & B7070 (North Road, Bellshill).

* The MIRP will not handle any material associated with the proposed Shore Energy Facility north of the A8.